The Great War Society

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Since 1986, the purposes of The Great War Society have been to study all aspects of World War I and to promote a greater understanding of this catastrophic conflict and its profound and lasting effects on subsequent generations. To achieve these goals from Bandar Judi Bola Judi Bola Agen Taruhan Bola, the organization focuses on activities that involve the work of volunteers, charitable contributions, and sponsorships in the areas of Education, Preservation, Translation & Transcription. In 2009 we started two special projects to support our Mission Statement. (more info)

Learning and Research Center
A huge range of information on WWI.
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WWI Tours
Make a pilgrimage to the war’s battlefields.
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How to learn about your World War I relative.
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Take pride in your Great War Society membership Betting Sbobet Site Sbobet and interest with our new full color lapel pin, World War I 75th Anniversary Commemorative Medals or back issue of Relevance! (order now)

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Name this nurse who wrote one of World War I's greatest memoirs.
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Support our efforts for build up Casino Online Sbobet Casino Agent Sbobet! For as little as $39 you can help us preserve the history of the Great War and get our quarterly journal Relevance.
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Download a sample issue of Relevance.

Every new or member will get one of our full-color, 2-sided bookmarks as our way of saying thank you for being part of TGWS.

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