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1. I have research questions

Many of you can find answers or suggestions to your research questions on our home page by checking the appropriate box or section:

What few resources we have – primarily unpaid volunteer members – to answer detailed or specific questions are available on a limited basis, but only if:

  1. You are a current member of The Great War Society; and
  2. You send a clear, concise question or request for information to

We cannot guarantee that we can answer your inquiry quickly, but we try to be prompt!

Some tips on research questions:

Try to be specific and give us as much detail as you can
For example, we received an email from a person who wrote: "I have a book given to my grandfather...I have been looking to find what it is worth..." Without the book's title, author, date of publication and other details it is impossible to help this person.

First use what resources are available to you through your computer before contacting us.
The question about the book, for instance, as with many people's questions, can be answered by simply using Internet search engines like Google or Yahoo. However, it is vital to have specific details or no one can help you.

We do not do homework assignments for students!

We do not do appraisals or help sell or buy artifacts.

2. I have an article I want published

Send a short description of your article for Relevance or The St. Mihiel Trip-Wire to the Editor and we will contact you if we are interested.

Michael Hanlon

Some tips for contributors:

We are interested in well-written articles on the events of 1914-1918 as well as those leading up to and resulting from the war. Subjects previously neglected or fresh treatments of well known topics are preferred.

3. I have a book/game/DVD/product I want reviewed

We cannot guarantee that a book or other item will be reviewed in our quarterly journal Relevance or monthly e-newsletter The St. Mihiel Trip-Wire. However, we try to be comprehensive and review copies should be sent to:

Michael Hanlon
106 San Pablo Town Center #260
San Pablo, CA 94806

4. I have something to sell

You can reach our list of 1,200+ WWI enthusiasts (and more than 16,000 unique visitors each month) through affordable advertising space in the monthly e-newsletter Trip-Wire.

Only WWI-related items may be advertised and the ad must be approved by our staff before it may appear.

We do not do appraisals or help sell or buy artifacts.

5. I have news/announcements for your members

We cannot guarantee that every article of news, notice, or announcement that we receive will appear in our publications, but we try to be thorough. Send items clearly marked as "news" or "calendar announcement" to:

Michael Hanlon

6. Direct all business & professional correspondence to

Dana Lombardy

The Great War Society
2625 Alcatraz Avenue #237
Berkeley, CA 94705 USA

The Society is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Contributions are deductible to donors on their federal and state income tax returns. Also deductible are $30.00 of the annual membership dues.